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How I Use Twitter

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Twitter bio: Yank techie and political geek. Lover of puns. Emigrated to Ireland back when US Presidential lies were impeachable. #repealedthe8th #imwithher

Blocking Policy

I block. A lot. If you feel I’ve blocked you incorrectly, send me an email (there are links on this site) and let me know.

I share my block list and encourage people to make use of it. I block TERFs, bigots, bots, trolls, anti-vaxxers, people with MAGA in their profile, Nazis and Brexiteers. And that list is not exhaustive. I also subscribe to a number of lists primarily run by women (cis and trans). They often block more eagerly than I, but I’d rather err on over than underblocking.

You should be aware of all that if you subscribe; don’t be surprised.

Ephemeral Social Media

I’m trying to use social media better. To that end one of the things I’ve done is to make twitter (and things like it) ephemeral. It’s a medium that is very much “in the moment” and therefore everything on it rapidly loses context and meaning.

Read more if you want to learn more about why I’m doing it and how.


A while back I read an article by Vicky Lai that just kind of sat with me. While I’m not a digital nomad and that’s not a lifestyle that would work for me (but seems like it does for many), the rest of her post really clicked.

I grew up in Kansas which is where many people “from back East” might have stopped and settled down in a hundred years ago. They’d reinvent themselves and communication was poor enough that they could do that. Maybe they were escaping debt, maybe they were running from a crime. Maybe they’d make the same mistakes all over again. But they’d have a chance to get a do-over.

In addition I’m the son of an immigrant. And at one point that immigrant, my mom, had been a nun. She was very selective in who she told about that because people make a lot of assumptions about you if you’ve been a nun. And she didn’t feel those fit her.

There are places where I make things more permanent. And I’m going to try over the next year to put those here on a site I run as opposed to one run by others. But twitter will be an ephemeral place for my thoughts. People can obviously screenshot tweets and the like, but that’s on them not me.

How I Do It

I basically use the system described in Vicky’s article but I’ve made some tweaks to it. Primarily I made a script to create the lambda.

Since I came late to this there were some additional steps I needed to do to delete my older tweets.

Oh, and I hope in the future to do a terraform version of this.