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Ticket home

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A weird side-effect of putting my home dir in vcsh is that I can write tickets for it. So mild annoyances that can’t be fixed right get a ticket. That way if I have time later I’ll have a better sense of the issue.

You can set up “a git server” with just an ssh account on a server that has git on it. Nowadays though most people run something like Gitlab or Gogs or one of the hosted services like Gitlab, Github or Bitbucket.

With any of those you get private repositories and a ticketing system. Even though my home repo goes back to 2008 it’s only in 2017 that I realised I could file tickets against my home dir as a way to better track annoyances. Still not great at it, but it has helped a bit.

Annoyingly I still have that first ticket open - I realised mysql and some python history files are some sort of new binary version. They start with _HiStOrY_V2_ and replace all spaces in the saved lines with \040. Which is annoying.

But a util called past which can work like vcsh past grep RE . would handle that the different formats (plain text vs. readline version 2 format) and be a little quicker to type. However even though the past repo is useful, I don’t use it a huge amount. Maybe if I get back to doing more mysql or python stuff it will come in handy.