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A Year of Moshing

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I’ve been using mosh for around a year now and find it very handy for interactive ssh sessions from my laptop. It’s even handy from desktops or servers if you have a spotty network connection.

However, I have noticed one issue. You’ll get a buildup of mosh-server processes on the machine(s) you mosh into if your mosh sessions tend to end uncleanly - if the client mosh dies while not connected to the mosh server.

This is bug number 12 for mosh and there really isn’t a satisfactory answer to it. Not the devs fault, it’s just a hard problem and any solution will have poor edge cases and/or security issues.

Still the cron solution of killing old servers after X days (from experience I’d say 2 weeks, but those who travel more might want longer) seems like a good compromise. The server processes don’t really take up much space. I first noticed the issue a few days ago and there were about a dozen mosh-server processes on the machine from the past six months. No real affect on load.

Still, if you tend to do things that will strand those server processes it would actually add up.