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Git Text Tools (update)

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Read the tig manual a bit more after my last post and it turns out there is a way to checkout older versions. Just put this in your ~/.tigrc:

bind blob C !git checkout %(commit) -- %(file)

That binds C in blob mode to the command to check out that version of the file. The one downside is that it puts the file in the index so you need to do a git reset -- FILE to take it back. That can be avoided if you change the command to git show %(commit):%(file) > %(file) (assuming it can do redirects, if not the bash -c thing).

It’s not that hard to change keybindings so might start trying to tweak the config to something my brain gets better.

Also came across lazygit which looks interesting. I think this might be more useful if I stuck with one repo.

Lastly there’s this list of other history investigation tools.