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Reconsidering Facebook

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[posted this on facebook originally, this is the start of a series on migrating off facebook]

I first joined facebook around a decade ago because someone told me there were other Kevin Lyda’s here and that just seemed wrong. And then, horrifyingly, I learned my 20 year high school reunion was happening.

Now, ten years on I’ve finally booked tickets so I can actually go to a high school reunion. horrors And I’m beginning to think about being on this site. Quite a few friends have left and I’m wondering if that might be good thing to follow.

A long time ago there were ways to keep in touch online that did not involve this site. So for the next few months I’m going to highlight a few of them. I’m not going to bury people in info, but my goal is to do one post a week discussing some things people can do to have a presence online outside of “social media.” It will be a little bit geek history, a little bit new tech and a little bit, “here’s a thing to try.” Should be fun!