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Leo’s apology

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Leo Sherlock’s apology leaves something to be desired. It’s an image which I think he believes is hard to search for (sorry, search engines do OCR on images) and printed so it’s hard to read.

To help rectify this and offer links to his apology and those affected, I wrote this up. Do feel free to copy and paste all of this and post it far and wide.

I, Leo Sherlock apologise for my unauthorised usage of photographs owned by Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited on my website named ‘’. I acknowledge that by using some without licence, permission, authority or consent I infringed copyright. I undertake not to commit any further breaches of copyright. I have agreed to pay Independent Newspapers (Ireland) an undisclosed sum in damages together with its costs.

Apology to CCC.Nuacht Teo Between June 2015 and November 2016 published four articles, which have since been deleted from this website, which reproduced or adapted articles by CCC.Nuacht, a leading Irish court news agency whose stories appear in Irish media outlets. I on behalf of acknowledge that these articles were published without obtaining a licence to do so and that they thereby infringed the copyright of CCC.Nuacht.

I acknowledge the important work of court reporters in informing the public about court proceedings and in furthering the administration of justice in public as required by the Constitution. Ion behalf of apologise to CCC.Nuacht and its court reporters for publishing these stories without obtaining and paying for a licence entitling them to do so and I undertake that neither I nor will publish or adapt any further copyright materials owned by CCC.Nuacht without licence.