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Brexit Timeline

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This is a simple Brexit General Election calculator. It does not factor in public holidays. Enter the date and press return.

Date No Confidence Vote proposed:
Date of No Confidence Vote:
Date to schedule election (14 days):
Date of election (25 working days):
Date of count (1 day):
Date government formed (3 days):

Some of these time periods are set in stone by the Fixed Term Parliaments Act (2011). The others are assumptions.

From proposing a NC vote to doing it is five working days. This is problematic because if one is proposed in late July, it likely wouldn’t be voted on till September.

The count can take longer than a day, but this assumes enough results will be known that coalition talks can start. It also assumes coalition talks can conclude in 3 days. If the Tories/Brexit Party win, it could be shorter. If it’s Remain parties that win, it could take longer.