The thugs on both sides

I wrote the following in a comment on a discussion about the [protests in Charlottesville][9]. Some people felt that protesters on “both sides” were “thugs.”

I went to school in Kansas. And if you go into the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka you’ll see an imposing mural of a thug: [John Brown][1] He was an abolitionist who (sadly [unusually][8] for the time) actually believed in equality - and he walked his talk.

Leo's apology

Leo Sherlock’s apology leaves something to be desired. It’s an image which I think he believes is hard to search for (sorry, search engines do OCR on images) and printed so it’s hard to read.

To help rectify this and offer links to his apology and those affected, I wrote this up. Do feel free to copy and paste all of this and post it far and wide.

Today's horrifying article...

I think the title of the article sums it up, Armed to the Milk Teeth, America’s Gun Toting Kids. Yeah, that’s a great idea.