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Fun with tyres

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This is from a facebook post on 18/10/2016. It was a rather odd evening.

Just learned a lot of things.

  1. The correct inflation for my car tyres is printed in my glove box.
  2. The front and rear tyres have different inflation targets and they’re given in psi and kilopascals. 33/32psi for front and rear respectively.
  3. My front left tyre was down to 2 and a quarter on the air compressor gauge and took forever to get to 8.
  4. It pays to look at units on gauges.
  5. There’s another pressure unit called a bar.
  6. Roughly the correct inflation for my tyres is 2.25 bar.
  7. The units on the air compressor were bars.
  8. It takes a longer time to bleed out 5.75 bar from a tyre than it takes to put it in.
  9. I’m very good at imagining all the ways an exploding tyre can kill me given a bit of time.
  10. It was my back right tyre that was low - squirting in 5 seconds of air cleared the warning.

The back right tyre was the furthest away and the last one I checked. But that doesn’t count as a thing to learn as that’s always true.