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Swiss Shopping?

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This morning, I’m in Switzerland and going into work. I stop by a shop and am in the queue to buy milk and an orange. As the cashier is ringing that up I notice some Rice Krispies treats. I take one, but the package is weird. “With pork.” Er, no, look again, ok they have normal ones. So I get one of those.

The cashier finishes and I tap my Bank of Ireland card. The cashier gives me my receipt and then starts handing me oldish US one dollar bills. I look on the receipt and it says I’m owed change for $20. I’m confused and ask what’s going on, and he says I’m owed $320.27 in change. I look at the receipt and sure enough, it also says that.

As trying to figure out the receipt I’m also wondering why this is all in dollars. Also will he have US coins? Just as i think this, he lifts up his cash drawer to get larger bills and I see he has Canadian and Irish coins (punts). I clearly see a 50p piece. This is very confusing.

I wake up to Jack licking my face.

Covid dreams are so weird.

As an aside, the company I work for does not have a Swiss office and, I just checked, there isn’t a “Rice Krispies with pork” product. There is a “keto” recipe where they replace the Rice Krispies with pork rinds (shudder).