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School Placement

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Got an email to my gmail address today. It’s a common-ish Irish name so I occasionally get odd emails to it.

Good Morning,

Your child was selected to participate in the Half-Day UPK Program for the 2019-2020 school year and has been placed at School Time Children’s Center (Coldenham location). Please read the attached letter/registration appointment schedule for details about registering your child.

It went on to give instructions on how to register my child. It included lots of text highlighted in yellow and/or written in red and/or bolded and underlined.

A very “school” sort of letter. I was amused. The dreaded mimeograph machine may be dead, but its spirit lives on.

However I’d hate to think someone lost a school place because they filled in an email address field incorrectly. But like I said, I was amused.

Thanks for letting me know about my child’s school placement in New York. Unfortunately there are two problems.

The first is likely a solvable problem: I live in Galway, Ireland which I suspect is not serviced by your local school bus routes. Norwegian Air offers very inexpensive flights however.

The second issue seems harder to surmount: I don’t have any children. Nothing against them - I was a child once and found it enjoyable. Just haven’t found the right person yet, and if I’m honest it’s getting a little late in that game.

Anyway, you might want to check and see if there’s another way to contact the person this was supposed to go to.

Best of luck!

Update: They replied! I guessed sending letters out like this would be stressful and this might be both helpful and amusing - and it was. Hopefully they find the right Caoimhin.