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Retirement Update

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An update to my original retirement post.

One issue I didn’t really highlight in the original post was debt. Pay it off. Not having debt could be considered a leg in itself. No mortgage, no credit card debt, no student loans, etc. That all needs to be gone once you retire.

Private pensions sometimes have an option to borrow from them for various reasons. You should almost never do this. Right now interest rates are low so mortgages will generally give you decent rates, so even using your pension to buy property isn’t a great idea. It’s far easier if you think the money is locked away until you’re 65.

An additional benefit to rental property is as a retirement home when you have reduced mobility when you’re older. An accessible small apartment in a city centre should be easy to rent out when you’re younger and it can provide you independent living when you’re older.

As someone who lives in a rural area this is definitely something to think about.