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A month of blogging

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I still use a feed reader and I follow a blog by a U. Toronto sysadmin. He posts pretty much every day and goes after some pretty meaty topic or another. I’ve been wondering how hard that is and what’s to be gained by it so this January I decided to give it a go.

It’s been interesting. I’ve missed a few days - and this weekend diverted into recipes which are kind of technical but not quite. But on the whole I’ve made one post a day.

So what have I gained from this?

Well, it’s forced me to be a bit more focused on learning or explaining something each day. And even the act of explaining something causes me to think things through more clearly. From simple things like learning markdown better (what this blog is written in) to working through exactly how a dead link checker for a blog should work - just flagging dead links isn’t enough.

In the process I’ve done a few personal tech projects I haven’t yet written about, but hope to do so soon. And it has gotten me to learn a new tool (tmux) and be a bit more deliberate about it that normal.

One issue is that I lack a good feedback method on this blog. People can email me, but that’s kind of a blackhole thing. And comments can be a good thing. So I’m going to try and come up with a comment system. This is a hugo based static site blog, and I’d rather not change that. And I’m not too keen on dealing with spam. So it’s likely there will be a corresponding github-based comment repo that fits that. Some existing options are close, but not quite there.