Supporting Team Future

Step one was to stop sending money to Team Past. So got rid of Sky and will be working on reducing spending on some other utilities. But on a more positive note, I tried to figure out how to spend money on Team Future - people, organisations and companies who support good journalism, civil rights organisations, research, education and entertainment. Private Eye does good investigative journalism in the UK. (subscribe) The Sunday Business Post is one of the remaining indpendent media orgs in Ireland.

The Yellow Mug

This evening I cleaned up my kitchen. Even seasoned my cast-iron pan with some flax oil I overpaid for today. And I must admit it came out really nice. Yes, I watched about a dozen (two dozen?) YouTube videos on seasoning cast iron pans yesterday evening, what’s your point? Anyway, my clean kitchen. Go me. Feeling rather successful I decided to reward myself with a cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately that was… not quite so successful.

Fun with tyres

This is from a facebook post on 18/10/2016. It was a rather odd evening.

Just learned a lot of things.

"Do you think she'll win?"

After a lifetime of talking politics, we were kind of ignoring this election. There were other, more immediate concerns. I’m not sure when she first asked, but it was when Bernie seemed to be doing better than the pundits had expected.

Retirement Update

An update to my original retirement post. One issue I didn’t really highlight in the original post was debt. Pay it off. Not having debt could be considered a leg in itself. No mortgage, no credit card debt, no student loans, etc. That all needs to be gone once you retire. Private pensions sometimes have an option to borrow from them for various reasons. You should almost never do this. Right now interest rates are low so mortgages will generally give you decent rates, so even using your pension to buy property isn’t a great idea.

Back Home

My mom came home today. As per normal, I got confused about the time and place. While I was generally pretty good at collecting my mom from the airport, I ended up showing up a bit late from time to time. And there was often mixups with alarm clocks or wake up calls that made my on-time pickups a bit miraculous. This time there was a mix-up in getting my mom’s ashes.

Letters of Note

I think I’ve found the last batch of pictures. I’m a little overwhelmed so another scanning session is a while off. However there were other things with the pictures - there were five letters.


Been going through my mom’s things. Tax season doesn’t stop for death so I had one last bit of paperwork to find. Mom wasn’t a fan of paperwork so it took a little hunting - found it in the end though.


Finished mom’s laundry. It seems some lasts you do know when they happen.


Updates Some updates in mid-2016 based on feedback and conversations with people. [ originally from a facebook and linkedin post ] I posted this on facebook, but someone pointed out it might be better here. And since I’ve never really posted here [ LinkedIn ] I thought I would. Note that it mainly applies to people who work and live in Ireland, but there’s also general advice that applies to other places.


Firsts happen now. You know them the moment they happen. You run to them. They are cherished from creation and shared with wonder. “The first time…” starts a story even at the end.

Florida trip (am)

currently surviving florida. i’ve put up a page of pictures of the trip so far. i’ll try to maintain them as the trip goes on. see this link for the pix. i’ve included links to let people download the individual groups of pictures more easily - linux/unix users want the .tar.bz2 files, everyone else wants the zip files.

Nutritional content of kittens (pm)

btw, i should mention that kittens do not make tasty dinners. some people - you know who you are - have (or will) suggested such things. my diet needs improvement, but that’s not it.

Kittens! (pm)

i have some company at home these days. two kittens have adopted me. :)

Nerd diary wars (pm)

liam’s using advogato instead of creating his own diary shell scripts himself. pffft!

Mom surprise (pm)

managed to surprise my mom for her bday. ber asked several weeks ago if i had any ideas for mom’s bday, and i said i didn’t. so she came up with a place to go and i came up with a scheme to get her there. anyway, it worked out and here are the pix.

Emigrated (pm)

someday i should come up with a list of why i emigrated from america. here’s one though…

Deep thoughts (pm)

this just crossed my mind, can advertising conferences become too commercial?

Deborah and Allen visit (pm)

deborah and allen visited. some pix from the trip: sexy underwear allen in the car columbus statue columbus statue alcoholic art scary folks in the pub outside a construction site allen saying goodbye deborah saying goodbye

French rap (pm)

ok, my housemate has managed to surpass the depths of rap. french rap. rap in french. by french people. their site is under construction (or is that SITE EN CONSTRUCTION?), but apparently it will go live really soon. oh the joy. i pray for french chefs, i get french rap. must pray harder.

Objective C (pm)

playing with objective c lately. search for it on google. very fun stuff. it’s like c and smalltalk combined. anyway i’m finding that my perl code for work which is done with perl’s oo support ports quite nicely to objective c. i’d never really looked at it, which considering some of the langs i have looked at is surprising, but i’m quite impressed. there’s apparently a speed hit as compared to c++, but i think the flexibility and more readable syntax is nicer.

Ben/Lisa wedding trip (pm)

trip to the states for ben and lisa’s wedding. also got to see folks in boston, my mom, and for a few brief minutes my sister fawn. pretty good for a week w/ no car! :) i also met a great guy who emigrated from ethiopia on the train to new york. the lesson i learned from him is that marxist soldiers are very similar to clueless managers. who knew? anyway what trip is complete without pictures.

E-teen (pm)

i just realised a month ago that since i’m 0x1e years old, i’m actually an e-teen. my last year as a teenager. as an added bonus i could probably file for an ipo and do quite well.

Artistic (am)

i work with very artistic people. for instance here is a piece kathryn did entitled “wired consumer.” by contrasting the more traditional wood with the high tech earphones in a human shape, the conflict between the past and the future is dramatically laid out. the encroaching commercialism is subtle yet powerful in its effect. a truly breathtaking experience…

H2G2 (pm)

i was deathly ill last week. ok, that’s a terrible exageration, but there was just way too much sniffling and sneezing going on altogether. better now, but while i was feeling sorry for myself i ordered the six cd set of the hichhiker’s guide to the galaxy radio shows. i love old radio shows, i love h2g2, i love shopping on line! woo-hoo! so i busted out the plastic and ordered at


Went to the ILUG agm where I forgot to pick up Kevin Dobey’s t-shirt and BBC. I also lost my phone. Ugh. Actually I set it to Silent mode so I might actually have it somewhere, I just can’t use my normal trick of finding it. So below you’ll find pictures of the AGM including pictures of the famous “big blue room.” The general consesus on it was that while it had great resolution, the lack of volume controls was a major design flaw.

VAX unfound (pm)

Oh, before anyone asks, Kenn was unable to find any VAX parts he needed in the tombs. I’m sure you were all concerned.