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Realtime doxygen

One of the annoying things about doing docs in doxygen is forgetting to type make between edits and checking what it’s rendering like. Luckily there are inotify-tools which, when combined with a simple shell loop, let you rebuild your docs whenever their source files change. By the time I’d switched to the browser and refreshed it the docs had been rebuilt. Not exactly WYSIWG editting but it skips the “forget to run make” step which is annoyingly tedious. Read more

GitHub gh-pages, doxygen and autoconf

Recently I was working on a low level library which I wanted to add a dependent library to. For things like this I really wish they’d have better docs. So if I was going to contribute to the world of lower level libraries I was going to at least try to make some docs for it. First step was to pick a tool. In the end I went with doxygen which seems to integrate well with autoconf. Read more

Anonymous Pro font for coding

I use an awful lot of terminal windows. I’ve always tweaked my fonts to get the most number of terminals and still be readable. For a long time that was Anonymous, but appears that the original author of that font has made a new one with some nice tweaks. Note that this font works just fine on both Linux and OS X. Anonymous Pro in Action 

Some web development links

First a link on how to track website visitors without using cookies. A quick tutorial on how to use curl to do a host of web requests. Very useful for testing REST APIs from the shell.