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Road trip

Post college road trip. We went from Buffalo to Augusta, Georgia, across to St. Louis to Vail, Colorado. Then up through Wyoming and back to Buffalo.

Niagra Falls

A frequent trip in my early days of college. It wasn’t for drinking or gambling - which customs and border people always asked about - but just for the fun of doing it. This is from one of the first trips and I’m pretty sure this is the one where James was handing his green card out the back window as I was telling the US border guard that we were all US citizens. Read more


After 18 years of being an only child I suddenly lived in dorms with lots of people, had a roommate and generally found it all fun and new.

Long Island

This was my last month living at home and on Long Island. It includes a few pictures from a summer job at Long Island National Cemetery and a trip to Caumsett State Park.

Older pix

Not really sure of the dates, but these are mostly from the 70s. OK, not the last two.