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One week trip to Ireland to get a job. I did at least one interview a day for that week. But along the way I found time to goof off!

Buffalo to Atlanta to Tampa

Starting from Boston I saw the Bills play the Patriots in Rich Stadium with Keith and Ben. Then went down to Tampa by way of Atlanta. And while in Tampa I caught the Patriots.

Car Smoosh

My first brand new car met its end on Route 2 on Paddy’s Day 1997. It turns out hitting a tyre(?) at ~55mph (cough) doesn’t go well for the front end.

An Interview with Frank Willison, Our Boss

This was from some friends in O’Reilly back around 1996. It was on the web for a while but has since disappeared sadly. An Interview with Frank Willison, Our Boss Frank Willison: a man, a plan, a canal, Panama. The Under 30 Club went to him, not in search of understanding, but for recognition of our own needs and plans. He responded to the interview questions within two hours of their receipt: alarming alacrity, as anyone who has worked with Frank can attest. Read more


When I first moved to Boston I lived in Roslindale which is just south of Boston.

World University Games

The 1993 Summer Universiade or World University Games happened my last summer in Buffalo. If I remember correctly we got to see two basketball games (China v Sweden and Hong Kong v Canada?) and at least one football (soccer) match. Possibly a volleyball match.

Rich Stadium

Not sure why these are separate from the World University Games pix, but they might be from another event around that time? Not sure. But we did get one snap from where we had gotten season tickets for what would be the Bills’ last Superbowl run. There were shirts at the time, “piss them off and go for four!”