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The zoo

A trip to the Buffalo Zoo.

Kevin, Chris and Amy.
Gwen and Amy.
Prairie dogs. Or maybe groundhogs?
Prairie dogs. Or maybe groundhogs?
"hey, I'm nappin' here, could you folks keep it down?".
This brings up a philosophical point. do gorillas have a soul? does it itch?.
I tink I taw a puddy tat!
I did! I did!
Camels in Buffalo - and boy do they have some thoughts on the weather. Ever had to deice your hump?
Had to deice your hump?.
A koala tree-ts itself to a nice dinner...
"Hm... now, where did I leave the keys...".
One of the few animals (humans included) thinking, "gosh, I wish it would snow.".
Aw look at da bear.