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Jack in Photos

A bunch of photos of Jack from when I got him until this year.

Jack helping me vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum.
Jack and Julie.
Jack never did figure out how to get toys off the top of doors - he came close a few times though.
Jack "The Lips" wants you to just try and take his toy, just try!
Jack in Knockma.
Jack doing a code review out in the garden.
Tug of war action shot!
"OK, throw the toy NOW!"
"OK, throw the toy NOW!"
Little known fact - Jack was actually a vampire dog...
"OK, is nap time over?  Can we go play?"
Overlooking his kingdom.
Here we have Jack doing his Dobey the House Elf impression.
"I am avaailable for quality control testing."
Julie tug of war!
Jack helping me vote in the 2019 election.
"If I pretend not to look at it, will he throw it?"
Casual Friday in the office.
Seasoned professional here to advise you on your dog toy investments - you need more.
The professional office worker and his driver.
Going in for a post-party nose lick!
Contemplating career change - maybe I should get into dog treat investment advising?
Pandemic walks!
Pair programming with the goofy monkey.
Pandemic walks!
Pandemic walks!
"Why no dinner on table after long day in office?"
Dog toy passing strength test.
"Why won't he throw the toy I won't let him have?"
Dog toy passing strength test.
Jack in space!
Happy Jack in space!
Bedtime head scritches rock!
Looking dubiously out at the world.
"Can it go in my bowl?"
Jack doing construction inspection on the raft."Hey, isn't Captain America supposed to be here?"
The monkey is taking selfies again!
And again...
And again...
"This would be easier with opposable thumbs but Imma gonna make it work!"
Jack demonstrating that he's a very proper Irish dog and having his tea in a saucer...
Drive in movie night at Lidl!
Jack guarding me at work.
"Time to get up!"
It's important to have a good breakfast before going into the office!
Jack guarding me at the work kitchen - after having checked it for any food crumbs I might have tripped over.
Important to take an exercise break in the workday.
"Did I hear a banana peeling????"
Jack meets a hedgehog.
New toy!
"OK, you made bagels, can you now make me food?"
Human and dog food!
Protec hooman and/or nap.
Jack waiting for the next slide - hoping it shows an increase in the dog treat budget.
Picking up Jack at the kennel after a few weeks away.
Which toy to pick???
Morning nose lick in my office.
Tug of war before sleepy time.
Guarding Kevin and Pig.
Road trip!
Bird!  That Kevin wouldn't let me play with.
All the toys!
All the toys!
Getting a bit of a nap.
Bathroom inspection.