Holiday Twabble

A few years back I linked a number of drabbles and twabbles I had written. So a new one for the holiday season and the relaunch of the Drabblecast:

“All the reindeer finally loved him. They all shouted with glee. Rudolph grinned at them all. He released his tentacles.”

Also in writing this I reread the old contributions and realised “Different” would be better if I changed just one word (see if you can spot it):

Different (HP Lovecraft theme)

“Every pregnancy is different,” Jan says reassuringly. She carried our son four years ago. She breezed through it.

This has been more thunderstorm; less breeze. Not just the morning sickness and swollen ankles but this sense of foreboding.

“Not that different,” is what my wife really means. That I should quit being so worried. That I’m being too dramatic.

The midwife is here with us.

I breathe.

His tentacles tear my cervix. The midwife screams. I see them reaching out; blood drains from Jan’s face as she squeezes my hand.

I mumble as I pass out, “See, it is different.”