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Some Drabbles and Twabbles

A number of years ago I was introduced to the Escape Pod and Drabblecast podcasts. And when reading up more about them I discovered the Drabblecast forums and the amusing Drabbles (100 word stories) and Twabbles (100 char stories). I even got a few on the show and thought I’d put them here.

Note that the drabblecast is for weird stories…

Four times they took him. Every time an anal probe. Now he was prepared. Every night he ate three fortune cookies. Whole.


Slowly. Quietly. I creep down the tube. I sense the open air. My eight legs leave the vacuum cleaner; I run. Now. Revenge.


I don’t think either drabble got published, but my first two attempts.

Different (HP Lovecraft theme)

“Every pregnancy is different,” Jan says reassuringly. She carried our son four years ago. She breezed through it.

Mine has been more thunderstorm; less breeze. Not just the morning sickness and swollen ankles but this sense of foreboding.

“Not that different,” is what my wife really means. That I should quit being so worried. That I’m being too dramatic.

The midwife is here with us.

I breathe.

His tentacles tear my cervix. The midwife screams. I see them reaching out; blood drains from Jan’s face as she squeezes my hand.

I mumble as I pass out, “See, it is different.”

Drabble Drabble (aka “I meta drabble”)

A drabble can only be 100 words. This was 148 words; too long.

There was no way to fix it without removing Karl. He wanted his neighbour Karl in the story with his words of wisdom over the backyard fence.

He’d worked the idea of the story around in his head for weeks, but it was the comment Karl made this morning that made the meaning of the story coalesce. After that the words just fell out.

With some tweaks he could keep the meaning. He just couldn’t keep Karl.

He sighed.

He got his knives and went next door.