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Fridge repair

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Problem: Fridge was making loud buzzing noise.

Solution #1: Ignore it, hope it would go away. I invested 5 days into this solution.

Outcome #1: Did not work.

Solution #2: Bang fridge in various locations. About 5 minutes of effort.
Outcome #2: Did not work, but removed ice buildup at bottom of freezer. Also felt vaguely satisfied. Suspect using a large hammer would have been more satisfying however chances of success seemed lower.

Solution #3: Remove drawers from freezer and discover there’s a very loud fan. Stick finger in fan.
Outcome #3: Noise stopped even when fan spun back up after I removed finger. Now sending fridge manufacturer email asking them why they put the plastic grid in front of the fan as it makes finger insertion harder.

This has been another installment of computer scientists showing hardware who’s boss.