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Turkey leftovers (part 1 of many I suspect)

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For holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas I sometimes become overwhelmed with tradition and get turkey. I inevitably curse myself for doing so about 5 minutes into preparing it. Turkey, to me, doesn’t taste good and it’s generally not any fun to cook with as it’s almost always huge - even when you’re lazy like me and just get a crown.

This year I decided to stirfry it. Yes, that was a lot of cutting. No, it was not fun. Yes, that’s never happening again, I learned my lesson. However even if you cook it other ways, I’m sure it’s possible to cut up leftovers for a stirfry later.

Which leads to this utterly silly leftover idea - that actually tastes pretty good.

Crunchy Teriyaki Turkey


Take all but the last ingredient and microwave them till hot. Top with a good shake of bombay mix. Maybe squirt on some sriracha sauce.

The key here of course is that there are loads of things here that taste good that aren’t turkey.