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Thanksgiving 2018

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I had this idea I would start doing more regular blog posts last year but that seems to have failed. Maybe next year!

I had help with this year’s troff adventures so thanks to Catherine for this year’s 2018 cookbook. There are some recipe errata I need to do - but those are all mine. Essentially I winged (sorry) the turkey burritos on the day and what I actually did vs what I vaguely considered doing early Saturday morning did not line up. I also forgot to make biscuits again.

Big thanks to Judit, Catherine and Christine who helped out loads. Particularly Judit who did wonderful things like remind me to add spices to the hand raised pies as well as a fair bit of the prep work for them. A crazy thing to take on, but it worked thanks to her! C&C helped with lots of other things but in particular they made ice cream happen after I made freezer space when I cooked the frozen veggies at the end.