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Spice Bag Tacos

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Through the lockdown I was avoiding bread for goofy reasons. But I did learn to make corn tortillas. Once I felt good doing that I decided to try a more Irish version of a taco and came up with Spice Bag Tacos.

First, get some corn tortillas. Or make them. I discovered you can make them on a pancake griddle and they come out fine. I can usually make them as things cook in the oven in this recipe. If you’ve never made them, I found these videos from “Views on the road” and “Jauja Cocina Mexicana” really helpful.

Second, make the spice bag part. If you’ve made a spice bag at home before, make it as you like it - just make sure it’s all in bite size pieces at the end.

If you haven’t made it before, this is what I do: get spice bag seasoning mix, frozen chicken goujons, frozen chips or diced potatoes, a red onion, scallions, frozen sliced peppers, sour cream, cheese, hot sauce. Note that most of the ingredients store for a good while so you can have all this on hand if you need to make something w/o going to the shops. You can even replace the red onion with frozen onion rings.

Chop and fry the onion in some oil. I do this in a cast iron pot so I can put it all in the oven later. After it starts to get translucent lower the heat and add half a bag of frozen peppers. I add some lazy chopped garlic and lazy chopped ginger here but it’s not required. Cover and stir occasionally on a low heat.

On a tray put six goujons and a similar amount of chips / potato cubes and bake at 200 for 25 minutes. Remove from oven, chop it all up into bite-size pieces and toss them in with the onions and peppers (which have now been cooking away for 30 minutes or so).

Mix in the seasoning mix in the pot and stir it around. Chop up the scallions and toss them in too. Put the pot in the still hot but cooling oven and shut the door. Might pop in the plates here but just warn people as they’ll be hot from an oven that warm. Warm up the tortillas if you’re using store bought or use leftovers you made before (I do the latter in a toaster by twos). Or if they’re fresh, just remove them from the warm towel.

Put sour cream, cheese, hot sauce on the table. Maybe some chopped lettuce for health? Kinda late by this point though if we’re being honest. Oh, and I guess guacamole if you like that sort of thing. Lastly put the pot of spice bag goodness on the table. If there are people new to tacos, show them how to make a taco.

In the future it would be interesting to try and make cheese and onion tortillas.