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Oatmeal Cookies

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When I first moved to Ireland this was the first recipe I got stuck on because I could not find molasses anywhere. I tried to make them a number of times with my Aunt Trixie without molasses but it never tasted right. One day, in a pharmacy, I looked up on a shelf and there it was. I checked and it was for people (this was a rural pharmacy and humans were not the only species catered for).

Over the years working with Irish flour, my opinions on what makes a good cookie and general experimentation, I came up with the following.

Measure in the mixing bowl. Blend together until thouroughly combined. Make sure to use a spatula to pull the molasses down from the sides.

Add these to the mixing bowl and combine - but stop as soon as that’s done.

Combine these in a medium sized bowl and thoroughly mix the spices and raising agents through the flour before adding the whole mix into the mixing bowl.

Mix until the flour is thoroughly combined.

Add a splash of vanilla once combined.

Now mix in the oats first and then the raisings.

On a cookie tray, place the dough in approximately 2 tbspn balls evenly spaced - they’ll spread a bit. Bake at 190C for 9 minutes. Look in and let it go a bit longer if they seem like they need it but never longer than 11 minutes. Remove from oven and let sit for a few minutes. If you take them off too soon they won’t have set and too late it’s more work to lift them. Remove them from tray to a wire rack to let them fully set.

In the winter it’s nice to use cranberries - but don’t fully replace the raisins. Half and half raisins and cranberries works best.