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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

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One of the neatest bits of my first trip to Denmark wasn’t Legoland amazingly enough. It was a place that did liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Istid is this little shop on a residential street in Copenhagen. Happily the street I was staying with a friend on! The setup is simple: on a counter behind glass are four brightly coloured Kitchen-Aid mixers; opposite them is a chalkboard explaining the four flavours of ice cream with toppings they offer.

When you pick your flavour and size they go to the matching mixer, pour the pre-mixed ice cream ingredients into it, start the mixer and then pour in the liquid nitrogen. Instantly the mixer seems to transform into a witches cauldron with fog spilling over the edge. As the fog clears, the liquid they poured from the caraffe has transformed into ice cream - magic!

And it tastes delicious. Apparently this is due to the rapid cooling by the liquid nitrogen causing smaller ice crystals and therefore creamier ice cream. Or it’s caused my magic.

This has me wondering how to make it at home. But if you’re in Copenhagen you should go there. And to help convince you, this review has pictures and their story.