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Every now and then I skim through this till I find something I’m wrong about. I’ve read lists like this for years and always, every time, learned something new. An assumption I’d incorrectly made or something I’d read before that was wrong. I often promptly forget it, but over time some of it sticks.

The world’s a big ol’ place. A guy I worked with once made the following observation:

Imagine all the stuff you’re going through right now. Your fears, your hopes, your plans, your desires and everything else flying around in your head.

Now imagine that’s happening 7 billion times over all around the world.

None of us has a hope of getting everything right. There are too many perspectives; too many things happening. But we can try and seek out the truth, learn from the mistakes of others and own our own mistakes. Be humble when pointing out mistakes because someone will be pointing out your own mistake soon enough. Lists like this are a great resource and they’ll make us better developers.