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APC tic tac toe

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The text programs have been amusing, but this video shows the one I really want to port. I’m not generally a front-end dev, and this was about as close as I ever got to doing it.

Some things to background info about what’s there:

First, IIRC, the project was to demonstrate how to use two dimensional arrays. I obviously understood the concept of “feature creep” before I learned the term.

The background to the splash screen is a Sierpiński gasket (numberphile video on them) which is a relatively simple fractal. Remember these weren’t the peppiest computers back then so the splash screen was kind of animated as the triangles took time to form. Now they pretty much show up instantly which ruins the effect.

I used “Velveteen software productions” for a number of my class projects. The sheer tediousness of trawing all that was exhausting - it would be several years before I learned about splines and the like - I did all that with graph paper and draw commands. The inspiration was this children’s book; I’m not sure if I’d known about the audio version of the book done by Meryl Streep but it came out a few years before.

The film a lot of the UI elements came from was WarGames (trailer) with this clip showing all of them at play.

And lastly, turtle graphics.