This blog is mostly about various tech projects I’m working on. From time to time issues relating to cooking, politics and personal stuff pop up. Across the top you’ll see some icons relating to each topic. If you’re only interested in those particular topics, click the icon and the page and the rss feed will be limited to the one you pick.

As for the author, I’m a middle-aged geek who’s in a state of semi-retirement. Which generally means that now I mainly focus on geek projects of my own which I hope to track here. The software side of those project can likely be found on github.

I’m not actively looking for work, but if my CV is interesting and you’re a Linux shop and need someone part time in Galway, Mayo or remotely, drop me a line.

Older versions

Back in the 90s, home pages were all the rage. I made a stab at a few, which have increasingly broken links. So one from 2005, one from just after I’d moved to Ireland (dated Oct 5 1998) and one from just before I’d moved (dated Aug 3 1998).


I used hugo to build this site. The theme is based off of Vienna with a number of my own tweaks. Most of the icons come from fontawesome and the css is mostly handled by bootstrap. Currently the webserver is nginx but as this is a static site I’ve been looking at other options.


Cookies are used on this site by Google Analytics to just track statistically how the site is being used. If I get more serious about writing here, I’ll likely add some sort of limited webads. Those would use cookies, and I’d use the analytics info as one source for feedback on what interests people.

However privacy is more than just cookies. I’d note that all access to this site is logged with your IP address, time of access, browser agent string, etc. Those logs aren’t really looked at all that often, and my nginx logging and logrotate configs tend to be driven by disk space issues. So my retention policy for logs is: they’re kept anywhere from not at all to years. The reality is that unless you use TOR and a secure os like OpenBSD or Tails or some other locked down Unix variant, you’re not really taking privacy seriously.


Ping me if I’m missing any:

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