Oatmeal Cookies

When I first moved to Ireland this was the first recipe I got stuck on because I could not find molasses anywhere. I tried to make them a number of times with my Aunt Trixie without molasses but it never tasted right. One day, in a pharmacy, I looked up on a shelf and there it was. I checked and it was for people (this was a rural pharmacy and humans were not the only species catered for).


FOSDEM 2019 is now history. This was my second one and last year’s experience made this year’s trip much better. Being more familiar with the campus and giving a bigger time buffer before and after made a big difference. Just like last year there were [oodles of talks][schedule] but these are the ones that caught my eye - and I either saw them in person or caught them on video or plan to catch them on video.

The g command in vim

My knowledge of g in vi is kind of ironic. I first learned about it when I learned the etymology of grep. It was from the ed command g/re/p. Ed wasn’t a visual editor. You essentially kept the file in your head and then could bring it up line by line - and change it line by line - in an editor. So the g/re/p command was really useful because you could print all lines (p) that matched a pattern (re) over the entire file (g).

Zsh completion for home grown scripts

I use irssi on a cloud server for my IRC needs. Along with it I’ve written some utility scripts - the most useful is kibo to find all messages sent to myself by searching the irssi logs. Since my home dir is a bit longer lived my scripts keep getting little tweaks and improvements. One I’ve been doing lately is completions. I had hoped yesterday to show a more complicated zsh completion example but so far haven’t gotten it to work.

Zip Slip

While looking into something else I came across the Zip Slip vulnerability. Kind of annoying since it’s nearly a year old and I’ve only heard of it now. Every now and then I keep thinking a neat tool would be something that would run over a project, track every dependancy it has and then alert you when there’s a a security issue. However it seems like one of those things people would want but not pay for.

A month of blogging

I still use a feed reader and I follow a blog by a U. Toronto sysadmin. He posts pretty much every day and goes after some pretty meaty topic or another. I’ve been wondering how hard that is and what’s to be gained by it so this January I decided to give it a go. It’s been interesting. I’ve missed a few days - and this weekend diverted into recipes which are kind of technical but not quite.


I’m on a little bit of a cracker baking kick. Blame it on [GBBO][gbbo] binge watching. The [Cheez-Its][ci] was my second cracker recipe to, uh, take a crack at. The first was Saltines. Through a number of batches I came up with the following.

git filter-branch

I’m working on converting two large svn repos to git. Both have large binary files stored in them so I’m using git lfs to make them more manageable. However the repos are large enough that the normal tools don’t work so I’m using the BFG repo cleaner to do the lfs migration. And this, plus the subgit migration tool leave loads of .gitattributes files laying around. They’re easy to remove, but I need .gitattributes files in there for lfs to function correctly.